NHRA Rules & Licensing

NHRA has many levels of licenses that apply to all aspects of racing at our NHRA Sanctioned Track. Simply clink on the NHRA License Link to the left and begin the process there. Bring your paperwork to the track and our track staff will help you with the license process.

If you have any questions about the License Process or Paperwork contact the NHRA Field Office at 626-914-4761 or send an e-mail to licensing@nhra.com.

NHRA and Tucson Dragway recommend that both new and experienced racers review the most recent NHRA Rule Book to see all safety requirements and rules for racing at an NHRA sanctioned track.  Tucson Dragway has current NHRA Rule Books available for purchase at the ticket booth at the main gate or if you have an NHRA Membership you can view one online by clicking here!

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NHRA and Tucson Dragway are committed to maintaining a family atmosphere and providing a safe place for racers of all ages, if your child is interested in racing check out the Junior Drag Racing League. All the licensing information, Medical and Parental Consent Forms are at the link below!

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